Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The American Airlines Center

Victory Park

2500 Victory Ave., Dallas, TX 75219
(214) 222-3687
The American Airlines Center, also fondly known as AAC, is a stadium albeit a concert hall and event venue located in Victory Park in downtown Dallas neighborhood. It is one of the most popular multi-purpose arena in Dallas and is home to the National Basketball Association and Dallas Mavericks and the National Hockey League. The venue broke ground and was launched in 2001 and cost the city of Dallas approximately $420 million to build.
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

3 Cultural Landmarks in Dallas

There is so much history behind Dallas’ architectural buildings that it is hard to completely explore them all, even with the help of a Dallas charter bus. The key to checking as many of them out during your bus charter visit to Dallas would be to focus on the ones that interests you the most. And here is a list of Dallas’ most treasured cultural landmarks that have made their way into list of historical buildings and landmarks.

The Magnolia Hotel

1401 Commerce St., Dallas, TC 75201
Today, it continues to operate as a popular hotel for most Dallas charter bus rental customers and visitors despite the fact that it is located right next to Adolphus Hoteland was opened back in 1922. The construction of the hotel costs approximately US$4 million. The neon Pegasus placed at the top of the hotel building’s rooftop serves as its trademark and can be viewed from afar. In fact, the icon became one of Dallas city’s most enduring and recognizable landmarks, hence, the building was then listed as a historical building.
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Friday, December 13, 2013

1 Day of Fun in Dallas and Frisco - How To Make The Most of Your Time

One can only do so much shopping in Dallas. Sure, we agree with the fact that it is so fun to just hit the malls with family and friends during our bus charter visit and need we mention the fact that Dallas has as many quaint shops all around the downtown area that it can rival the best cities in the nation.
But here’s the trick to doing something different when you are here in Dallas. Go somewhere new, somewhere unchartered or maybe an event that you have always wanted to attend. And here are some shining examples.
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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dallas Best Bars

When it comes to nightlife and dining out, there is no shortage of options in Dallas. If you think even for a minute that the nightlife in Dallas is incomparable to the ones you can find in downtown Manhattan, Los Angeles or Las Vegas, then you are going to be in for a surprise. In a good way, of course. In Dallas, we serve up the nightlife in multiple flavors....some more local than others. The trick is to hit the internet to find out more about what you can expect from a bustling downtown area like bus charter Dallas metropolis.

At 2008, Greenville Avenue is a place called Suede Bar and Grille which some of our charter bus Dallas customers thought was going to be swinging with cowboys and old school decor but much to their surprise, Suede Bar is anything but that. Along the suede-theme furniture, you can find the hippest, coolest and people from all ages hanging out to good music and having perfectly friendly conversations as the DJ runs through his music list. Many Dallas singles hang out at this place to find a new friend over martinis. It is one of the more modern bus charter Dallas clubs and pub we have here in downtown Dallas. Give them a call at 214-828-1144 to find out more about reservations and group bookings.

If what you are looking for a good ole time out with friends over a great meal during your bus charter Dallas trip, then we are going to point you in the direction of Baby Dolls Saloon which is located along Shady Trail. The entertainment here is taken to new heights as they showcase some of the most enticing, sexiest and talented dancers in Dallas. This club is the perfect place to have your bachelor or bachelorette party or just a night out with the boys. Of course, apart from showcasing their dancers, Baby Doll Saloon features one of the meanest ribeye steak and chicken fried steak. If you prefer to come over for lunch, take advantage of the amazing buffet style meal available all weekday through from Monday to Friday.

Another place we would highly recommend is The Old Monk located at 2847 North Henderson Avenue. This bus charter Dallas Irish pub is located in the middle of a historical area and gives off a very comfortable, cosy old feeling. Just a place to hang out with your pals, have a small conference with business partners over a couple of drinks. The Old Monk is known for their awesome selection of beers.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Planning Your Party Bus Bar Crawl in Dallas

Are you looking around for a party bus so that you can party safely all night long with your friends? Perhaps this is your time to shine as an organizer of a friend’s bachelor or bachelorette party? Either way, we have some suggestions for you in terms of finding the best bars, clubs and nightspots to stop by. For one, there would be Black Swan Saloon, which most local Dallas residents consider as their hidden gem. Truth be told, the bar’s nightly entertainment is good and in a way, the locals prefer to keep this treasure to themselves. The bar prides itself in having the city’s most talented mixologists around. Staff are trained to be friendly and welcoming to newbies while maintaining a comfortable relationship with loyal visitors. Let’s just say that the mixologists know what they doing behind the bar. Forget about wrecking your brain about which potent cocktail to order, just speak easily to the man behind the bar and you will have your surprise drink in a short while.

Now that you are on the roll, before the night is over, make a quick Dallas bus charter stopover at Round-up Saloon Cedar Spring Road. The bar opened up for business since 1980 and has been maintaining a long line of loyal fans ever since. On some days, the owners put up an open mic session for their guests. The defining different between Round-up and other bars of its kind is that they are big on doing charity work, gives back to the community and are the main organizers of some daily events like dancing classes. They stay extremely connected to the community instead of operating as a mere business. It remains to be one of the city’s top gay bars and it would be absolutely fun for your Dallas party bus bachelorette party!

To end the night with a big bag, visiting Ships Lounge would be an ideal option. Said to be Dallas’ ‘time capsule’ because it is almost completely devoid of fanfare and frills. They are big on their drinks and that is the way they like it - for you party-goers, this can only mean one thing....time to let your hair down and party hard. Make full use of their pool table, incredibly affordable drinks and be sure to check out the ‘almost extinct’ jukebox which plays many old timers’ songs. People know that there is lack of pretentiousness at Ships Lounge and they expect you to come as you are. The laid-back atmosphere means that you can have the time of your life without worrying about someone judging you.

So, there you have it...three of the best Dallas bars and lounges for your gathering or bachelor or bachelorette party. We hope you have tons of fun!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas

It is always fun when parents bring their children out for fun – especially for a special trip to a museum in a chartered Dallas bus. And the fun doubles up, or even triples up when their friends get to come along too. When planning a trip to the Perot Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas, it would be so much more meaningful and fun when you bring your kids and their friends with them.

Nature and science have always caused much wonders to the human minds, and museums such as the Perot Museum of Nature & Science makes learning fun. Before school starts, why not charter a Dallas bus and load your children and their friends into it and make it an out of school learning experience for them – something like a field trip, but only difference is this one is organized by the parents instead of the school?

Going for trips on chartered buses are always thrilling for the kids. There’s just something about being on the same bus with their friends and knowing that they are going somewhere fun makes it all the more exciting for them. When you arrive at the Perot Museum of Nature & Science, don’t be too surprised if the kids are already chattering loudly in exhilaration as they get off the bus – other than being happy to be with their friends in the bus, they are as equally happy, if not more, to arrive at the destination, especially one where they know they will get to roam and explore with much freedom!

Said to be a “world of wonder” by The Dallas Morning News, the Perot Museum of Nature & Science, is truly a place of learning while you have fun at the same time. As you explore the museum with the kids, you will learn how the museum allows kids (young and old alike!) to be exposed to the world of ideas and theories in science, mathematics and technology within its vicinity. Everyone will get the opportunity to get their hands on the interactive displays and exhibits and learn a thing or two about the world around us. If you have among yourselves those who aspire to be scientists, professors, engineers and the likes, they will have great inspirations from their visit to this museum. When it comes to learning about the world around us, age is never an issue. Even the adults will be as amazed as the kids when they discover something new from this museum. So, what are you waiting for? Call up the Dallas charter bus company and book a bus to take the kids out for some new fun learning experience!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Klyde Warren Park

One way to relax after a week’s of working hard at the office is to take a stroll in a beautiful park, have a picnic with some friends or your family, enjoy the beauty of nature, jogging, cycling or just sitting under a huge tree and do some catching up on reading your favorite book. If you are “dying” for some fresh air and sunshine, hop onto one of our bus charter in Dallas and have the bus driver send you to Klyde Warren Park for your fresh air and sunshine!

On weekdays, Klyde Warren Park is abuzz with activities and it increases over the weekends, so if you like, you can take part and join in the fun of the activities while you are there. If you prefer to have a quiet time on your own on the bus charter Dallas trip, there are also places within the park where you can have your own “cave time”. Seats in the park are aplenty, so you can pick and choose the spot you like and just enjoy the beautiful park while you people watch. The park is also dog friendly, so don’t be surprised to see dogs running around with their owners and having a good time playing catch.

If you do not wish to leave the park to grab a bite at one of the nearby restaurants, you could always pack a light lunch for yourself to eat at the park. Actually, once you set foot on Klyde Warren Park, it would seem quite difficult to leave because of the relaxing ambience there. Besides, the park is about 5.2 acre in size, surely there is so much more to see, so you don’t really have a reason to leave to go elsewhere for lunch!

Also, there are food trucks that are parked along the Klyde Warren Park, so you can always buy some food from them and eat them at the park – just be sure to dispose the leftovers (if any) properly, as we would want to keep the park clean for others too, right? After all, the park is free admission, so everyone should play their part in keeping the park clean for all to use and enjoy.

After a fun bus charter Dallas outing at Klyde Warren Park, you will want to make trips there as often as possible to relax and chill out – but don’t forget to get our Bus Charter Dallas service to send you to the park whenever you want.